What Is Somatics & Therapy 

What Is Somatics


Somatics comes from the word "soma" meaning body. 


Somatics reminds us that mental health and whole nervous system health are connected. Somatic approaches are a combination of talking, tracking body responses, and exploration of movement, that connects us to & works with our nervous system and whole being. It meets trauma where it sometimes resides in our bones and cells. It pays attention to our activation and rest cycles, our unique patterns of holding and releasing tension, stress, and joy

Somatic approaches are different from Western talk therapy, which is super individual, and is often limited by colonial, top down practices like: experting, treating trauma symptoms as a problem to be fixed, and demonizing or decentering cultural healing practices. 


(Somatic approaches are organic.  Like seeds sprouting, it's not just the seed, it's the relationship between seed and the environment that inform the seeds's internal process. Shifts happen when the soil, wind, rain, water, temperature are in right relationship with that seeds' unique internal self.  When the whole system has supportive conditions. 

Similarly, together we build tools to process stored trauma, and internal environments.  Our systems then have opportunities to shift states from actively using tools and consciously working to regulate, into a state where our systems re-organizing themselves. )


By creating loving spaces for ourselves, we can unlearn negative messages and build relationships we want with ourselves, with our loved ones and with our work toward collective liberation. 


Storytelling and oral history are ancient therapeutic gifts. Your story, where it lives in and moves through your body, is welcome here.

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