About Us 

Resurgent Seeds

is a community wellness and mental health organization. 

We are a team of somatic practitioners that are rooted in liberation, abolition and community healing.

We are on Tohono O’odham land
in Tucson, AZ. 

We are culturally oriented, survivor centered and based in somatic wellness practice. 
Resurgent Seeds Origin
Resurgent Seeds sprouted from a need for somatic wellness support in liberation movement spaces.

We wanted to co-create spaces where liberation work is sustainable and weaves in healing and trauma work.

We also wanted to support
groups to be better equipped to deal with: internal harms, microaggressions, power dynamics, individual trauma and the collective trauma of fighting against manipulative systems of oppression.

Resurgent Seeds name is a unique expression of our love of Octavia Butler, a Black queer woman writer, and her term Earthseed.  It's also an expression of love for our role models, the Zapatistas and their Indigenous autonomous rights to land and liberation.
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Faviola Augustin is a Chicanx and Indigenous born and raised along the U.S./Mexico border in Somerton, AZ living in Tucson as a Bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been dedicated to the application of trauma-informed, anti-oppression, abolitionist, and feminist frameworks throughout her clinical work and life. Faviola uses a diversity of tools and techniques from being trained in cognitive therapy, expressive arts, Somatic Experiencing, and Pyschodrama. She works directly with migrant families and undocumented communities impacted by border militarization and immigration policies. Her experience has focused on the treatment of trauma and sexual violence.
prentiss wolfe (they/them) is queer, nonbinary,  transgender, white, and a survivor of jewish ancestry. For 20 years prentiss has lived on Tohono O'odham land in Tucson, Arizona near the US/Mexico border.  They aim to create microcosms of aligned joy and resistance while addressing interpersonal and systemic harm. prentiss is trained in somatics healing practices. prentiss' approach is trauma informed and rooted in community healing, queerness, abolition, survivor support and collective liberation. They center people who are queer, nonbinary, trans, Two Spirit, Intersex, disabled, neurodivergent, Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian Pacific Islander and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. 
prentiss has trained in somatics and Transformative Justice. For over 20 years they have built relationships that work for social, racial, transformative justice, abolition, Indigenous and immigrant rights. 
photo: Rayshma Periera
photo: prentiss w

"Your indomitable spirit survived whatever the mainstream culture threw at you."

Jewelle Gomez

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